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    Zhonggang leather group is a company specializing in leather production, leather production and sales of the modern enterprise group, under the 2 leather company, 1 chemical companies, 1 four - star hotel in construction; group companies, enterprises are mainly distributed in Foshan City Guangdong Province, is headquartered in Hongkong. Companies adhering to the "science and technology and environmental protection and", "people-oriented, customer first" business philosophy, the pursuit of leather products "traditional cast eternal fashion, coquettish" essence, enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad.

    Guangxi Qinzhou Zhonggang Leather Co., Ltd is owned by the group headquarters -- Hongkong Lianfeng leather factory trade limited company built Guangdong Province only one group of new enterprises. The company a total investment of 200000000 dollars, the scale of production for the annual production capacity of 600000 pieces of leather and leather gloves 500000 dozens, main products are leather, leather gloves.

    The company covers an area of 102852.61M2 (equivalent to 154.28 acres), of which the first phase of construction land 83471.90 M2, set aside second period of development for 19380.71 M2. The first phase of the general layout is divided into sewage treatment area, factory, office and living area. Sewage treatment area to invest 24000000 yuan, the physical - chemical - biological contact oxidation process for treatment of wastewater with the technical level of developed countries in Europe and America, water quality meet the national emission standards for emissions, wastewater treatment capacity of 1500 tons / day. Factory, office and living area to invest 132000000 yuan, factory construction frame structure of building modern 6 building, steel structure workshop 5 buildings, a total construction area of 42158.5 M2; office and living area design are complex, full-featured leisure entertainment, sports field, swimming pool, dormitory buildings, a total construction area of 17664.6 M2.

    In 2007 the company started construction in November, completed by the end of 2008, in 2009 April, equipment installation and commissioning is completed, in May 27, 2009 began trial production, currently has more than 350 employees, the company is expected to put into normal operation, the annual output value of 350000000 yuan, annual tax profit of 15000000 yuan, and can solve the employment of 1000 people.

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